• Weekly Pay
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • work in exciting VIP environments
  • Online portal that allows you to view all jobs and apply for the promotional work that excites you
  • We recognise people for doing a great jobs!
  • Flexible hours to fit around your other commitments

    We are always recruiting for part time waiters, waitresses and bar staff. We offer competitive rates and varied and fun work. You can work as much or as little as suits you.

    Waiter hire is a premium provider of quality catering staff, so please only refer your friends if they are very presentable and have a can-do attitiude and strive to deliver the highest quality service. Experience is welcome but not essential, we do offer on the job training.

    What uniform do I need?

    You need to have smart black trousers / skirt, smart black shoes (No trainers), and both a black, and a white collared long sleeve shirt. A black tie is always an advantage, but not vital.

    Will I always be working at the same address?

    No, you will be working from event to event and the address always changes. Please make sure that when you spoply to work on an event, that you are able to travel to it under your own steam, we never pay more than the quoted rate.

    How much do i have to work?

    Thats really up to you, some staff fit this between other jobs for an additional income, and some staff work for us on a permanent basis. You choose how much you want to work.

    What experience do i need?

    We do select staff based on having waiter and bar experience, but if we find staff with the correct service attitude, we may get you trained up.

    What are the rates of pay?

    We pay a high rate of pay to retain our best staff, but every job is different and depending on its location can include travel costs. You will be able to apply for events once you see all the information about that event. We have an online portal and an app that you can see all this info.

    How do I get more bookings?

    Its all about your rating, before you have worked for us you wont have a rating, but after the first time you work, we get feedback from the client and your co-workers and if its positive you will all of a sudden be picked ahead of others.

    Again its about two things, your rating, and secondly your profile, you need to have a decent photo as your main photo as clients can see these, and if you look very smart and presentable they are more likely to ask for you to work on their event.

    What affects my rating?

    Many things will cause you to have a poor score, but arriving late, in the wrong uniform and a poor comment from customers are sure to get you a poor score!

    How do I cancel a booking?

    Don’t forget that once you’ve committed to a booking, the establishment is relying on you! In case of a serious issue, you should inform us as early as possible via email at staffing@activ8live.co.uk or Whatsapp on 07734310866. You can also login to Liveforce, and cancel from there, but be careful – your rating (and therefore the amount of work) will be heavily affected by cancelling. We also have a three strike policy, and without notice, if you cancel three times, you will be removed from our database and not allowed to work for us again.

    How will I get paid

    Catering customers have the option of paying you directly on the night or prepaying by sending the payment to Activ8. If you will be paid by the client you will need to have an invoice ready for the client. If you need a copy of an invoice template, please email staffing@activ8live.co.uk to request this. If you are self employed please ensure you send your invoice into staffing@activ8live.co.uk before midday on Wednesday to receive your payment by the Friday following your work. If you are an employee, then nothing needs to be done, you will be paid on the Friday following the week that you work.

    What is Liveforce?

    Liveforce is the database that we use to manage all bookings. We suggest that you download Liveforce app, it will allow you to see jobs before others without the app, it will also have all the information you would need about a job. You are not working for Liveforce, you are working for Activ8 – Liveforce is merely the tool we use

    What does self employed mean?

    Someone who is self-employed is the owner of a business, an individual who earns a living by working for himself/herself and not as an employee of someone else. To register as being self employed, you will need to apply for a  UTR number (Unique tax reference)

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